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Discover why these investment strategies have consistently outperformed traditional Australian Superfunds and Managed funds by 3X and 4X. And how you can put them to work for your money…


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Learn with Andrew Barnett
Andrew Barnett

CoFounder and Senior Investor, Trading Mastery

Welcome to Trading Mastery…

Where your journey to financial empowerment begins.

At Trading Mastery, our mission is to transform ordinary Australians into extraordinary investors. We believe in the power of knowledge and the value of smart, strategic investing.  We are dedicated to demystifying the complexities of the stock market and making the world of international growth companies accessible to ordinary Aussies.

Our approach is rooted in the proven strategies of the world’s most successful investors, like Warren Buffett. We strip away the noise and focus on what truly matters in building a robust and profitable investment portfolio. 

Whether you are starting your investment journey or looking to enhance your existing portfolio, we have the resources, expertise, and community support to guide you every step of the way. 

I invite you to begin with some of the Free Resources, Trainings and Webinars you’ll find on this site, and start on your path to financial mastery today. Together, we’ll unlock your potential to navigate the markets with confidence and grow your wealth.

Real Results from Trading Mastery Members (HUNDREDS MORE BELOW)

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The #1 Resource for Ordinary Australians Who Want to Learn How to Build Wealth Through Investing

...But Don't Know Where to Start

Join over 2,300 Trading Mastery Members who are outperforming the ‘pros’

"Fire Your Fund Manager. Sack Your Super Manager. Take Back Control of Your Money Today"

If you’re fed up with dismal returns from your super fund or managed fund and want to take back control of your money and financial future, then this could be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Learning to invest your own money properly is the most empowering thing you can do for your wealth. And for the wealth of your family.

Yet until recently, it has been too hard and time consuming for the average person to navigate effectively. Each day we’re bombarded with ‘expert opinions’, sales people disguised as advisors and the rabbit hole that is the internet and social media.

What if it was EASY?

Here’s Why You Need to Take Control of Your Own Investing Today…

Despite delivering dismal returns (even negative returns), and charging outrageous fees for the privilege… Hard working Aussies continue to hand over their hard earned savings.

Now, while most people don’t pay attention to their returns or fees, the compounding effect it has on your wealth is enormous.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you had $100k sitting in your super for 20 years. (For this example, let’s say you don’t make any further contributions).

After 20 years, your nest has grown to just $359,041.04 (based on the average Superfund return after fees of 6.6% p.a.)

Now, imagine you took control of your money 20 years ago and started investing it yourself in high quality, global growth companies. Big names you already know (and probably use).

Not only do you generate a higher rate of return (in this case, let’s take a very achievable 12% p.a.), but you have no fees.

Resulting in your portfolio reaching $964,629.31.

While most people don’t pay attention to their returns or fees, the compounding effect it has on your wealth is enormous.

Let's Compare

Here is our 4 Year ROI (Return on Investment) compared to some of the most popular Super and Managed Funds.

But what does that means in financial terms?

Here's what that looks like over 4 years....

"I wanted to get the best. So I found Andrew Barnett and his team at Trading Mastery..

I now have a portfolio I'm very happy with and just sitting on my hands doing nothing but watching it grow."

Bill Harrigan Former NRL Referee

The Naked Truth. We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Want Proof that these returns are real?

We believe in full transparency and skin in the game. We stand behind our research and put our own money in.

In fact, as a Member, you’ll have access to our Portfolio revealing every company we own.

Not only that, but you’ll receive a text alert and an email explanation anytime we buy or sell shares.

Unsure You Can Do It? Self Doubt?

We've Got Your Back. Trading Mastery Provides all the Training and Support You Need to Make it Easy for You to Learn How to Invest Your Own Money...

Indepth Structured Training Path

Our structured learning path takes you from basics to advanced investing with ease (even if you’ve never invested a cent).
Happy senior woman sitting with laptop and speaking over smartphone in meeting room

All the Support You Need to Succeed

With a combination of Daily Investor Reports, Weekly Live Trainings, Weekly Q&A Sessions, Live Conferences, Phone and Email Support… You’ll be empowered to succeed.

Join a Community of Likeminded Investors

Join thousands of Aussie Investors who have transformed their investing approach with our expert-led, results-driven strategies.

Free Stock Market Investing Course

Get Your Free 7 Part 'Intro to Investing' Mini Course
...And discover incredible investment opportunities in the financial markets right now and learn how to take advantage of them.

Real People. Real Results

As a Trading Mastery Member, you’re part of a community of people just like yourself, committed to building financial freedom through effortless investing. Watch, read and hear from the hundreds of success stories below.

Click Here to Watch and Read the Stories of Hundreds More Clients

"...we are absolutely thrilled with the decision we made to join Trading Mastery and we would absolutely, highly recommend it to anyone"

Simon and Sophia Wright

"...we've been out to double our portfolio in two and a half years..."

Guy McLennan and Leeza Baric

"...That's what it was like when I started investing. I wanted to get the best. So I found Andrew Barnett and his team at Trading Mastery..."

Bill Harrigan

Some of the hundreds of emails and messages that Trading Mastery Members send in...

I have already seen returns of close to 18%

Having my super with a financial manager for a number of years resulted in approximately 6% return, which seemed like a good return until I heard about Trading Mastery… 

…Since joining, only 5 months ago I have already seen returns of close to 18%, making this the best financial decision that I have ever made, with knowledge that my best years are still ahead. 

I can not recommend Trading Mastery enough.

Ian Whale
My portfolio has just surpassed the $1.0M mark

Despite being a long term investor of 28 years, I have learnt more about how to invest in equities over the past 12 months than I did during my first 27 years due to Andrew’s wonderful mentoring, coaching, support and infrastructure Trading Mastery has created.

In my first 12 months… my portfolio has just surpassed the $1.0M mark at a total return of 32%. I urge all small retail investors who truly want to take control of their future to join Andrew and his wonderful team.

Con Brakatselos
My portfolio is up 47%

I joined Trading Mastery in Dec 2022. Bloody good decision. My portfolio is up 47% (as of April 2024).

I bought in to golden triangle companies all showing good results. I’ve learnt heaps about investing and studying companies from Andrew.

Brett Nicey

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews on Google...

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