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10 Year Study Finds Female Investors Are Better Than Men

The vast majority of retail investors are men, however a new study released by Fidelity says it’s the ladies that are the better investors. Research shows that on average women investors achieve positive returns and surpass men by 40 basis points across 5.2 million accounts from January 2011 to December 2020.

Having mentored retail investors for the past 12 years, I can tell you why ladies are generally better investors than men…  

Women are much better at buying and holding, while men are highly likely to be attracted to churning and burning their accounts with derivatives and short term trading. 

Here at Trading Mastery, from the number of account statements that I have seen over the past 12 months our female clients do indeed make a higher return on investment than the average male. 

Here are some comments from our lady clients at Trading Mastery on their own performance.

Jeanette Gower says.

“My portfolio is now $181k – that is made up of $60k profit from last year reinvested by drip feeding this year. My total profit from commencement is 76%.”

Juanita says

“I’ve been a member since July 2020 and have to say it has been truly remarkable. Not only have I benefited financially, already made over $60k profit.”

Prue Adam says 

Dear Andrew and the team,
I hope I am not bragging as it is all down to you, but overnight with the run on that we had in the market, I broke the $200,000 mark for profits for the 9 months I have been trading with you. Got to say I am thrilled with that. Currently sitting at $205,400 with a small lift from my Aussie portfolio this morning.  
Best Wishes 

The study also showed that there has been a 43% year-over-year increase in women opening new investment accounts since last summer, and a 37% uptick in women reaching out for guidance over the past two years.  

Why are these ladies and our clients able to earn such outstanding returns on investment? 

Because they’ve learned:

  • How to own a concentrated number of global growth companies that suit their personal investment needs
  • How to do the research
  • Which companies will likely compound earnings at the highest rates
  • How to short list them
  • How to manage risk
  • How many shares they should consider buying
  • And how to know they aren’t paying too much 

They even receive my personal portfolio and alerts every time I am buying and selling stock.  

Let us show you how to own dollar producing assets, high-quality global growth companies that in the coming 3, 5 and 10 years have the potential to see their share prices rise at a higher-than-average rate and deliver you meaningful returns on investment. 

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