The following content is not a personal recommendation to buy shares in the companies listed as I am not taking your personal financial situation into account.

2 Mega Brands Whose Share Prices Could Be About to Soar in 2021

The best opportunity for above average returns is to focus on  buying a concentrated number of high-quality listed businesses that are currently undervalued yet will likely thrive and continue to outperform in the post pandemic years ahead.

Today I’m going to share with you 2 well known megabrands, with strong fundamentals who can be picked up for a relative bargain.  And whose price could be about to soar in 2021 and beyond. 

The first is Coca Cola (KO)

Coca Cola fell from $60 in February 2020 to trade at a low of $36.27 during the COVID enforced lockdown period, but it has been creeping higher as the global economy gently recovers.

Coca Cola owns over 500 drink brands around the world and with 50% of its revenue effectively sidelined in the past 12 months the potential upside for the company and shareholders is significant.

Half of its revenue comes from restaurants, stadiums, bars, clubs and hotels… and for the past 12 months those establishments have mostly been closed. 

However, as vaccines are being administered and global COVID-19 infection rates begin to fall, Coca Cola’s revenue and earnings is set to rise and so should its share price.  

The Second is Disney (DIS)

Disney’s theme parks, hotels, cruise line and movie making operations were substantially impacted due to the pandemic with much of its traditional core revenue streams shut down in 2020.  

Disney quickly recognised the huge opportunity that the stay at home / work from home COVID environment created and took full advantage of its incredible movie library, pivoting its attention to its Disney+ movie subscription service. 

By focusing its attention on its movie streaming service, Disney+ was able to pick up some of the revenue slack its theme parks and other businesses would usually deliver. Owning the rights to Marvel, Lucas films, 20 Century Fox, Star Wars and many other movie titles, Disney was able to attract tens of millions of new subscribers to Disney+ and now predicts it will have 240 million Disney + subscribers by 2024.

With the global economy steadily reopening and vaccines likely set to allow tourist activities and movie theatres to return to normal Disney’s revenue and earnings could explode in the coming 12 months.  Its theme parks, hotels, cruise line and movie making operations will return to full swing and I expect its share price will reflect its return to profitability as millions of visitors once again smile thanks to Disney. 

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