Instructions to film and upload your short video quickly to send to us. 


Filming your video…


1. Please film the video holding your camera sideways so it films in horizontal mode.

2. Tell us Who You Are and Where You’re From

3. Tell us What You Like About Trading MasteryAny Success You’ve Had So Far and If You’d Recommend Us


Sending your video…


1. Then, from your phone, go to 

2. Click on Send a file & click I agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Press the + button to add your video file.

4. Choose the video from your photo library & click Next.

5. Choose Send an email & click Next.

6. Add our email address then add your email address. 

7. Check your email for the Verification code. Enter the code and click Verify.

(By sending us your testimonial you give us permission to use it in our promotional material. If you would like us to only use your video on our website and not in any marketing let us know at As always we really appreciate your partnership with us.)



You are done! Thanks so much