Big money investors are buying more shares in this company than anything else. You won’t believe who it is.

(The following content is not a personal recommendation to buy any of the following companies as I am not taking your personal financial situation into account.)

You may not be aware of this fact but any money managers in the USA that manage more than $100 million dollars must declare what they are buying and selling to the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Therefore, the details of the most profitable money managers in the USA are widely available for all to see. However rarely does anyone bother to track and record this extremely valuable data. 

Here at Trading Mastery, we track the top 30 money managers in the USA. 

We know exactly what is in their portfolios and exactly what companies they are buying and selling, even down to the number of shares they own. 

We know exactly what the greatest investors such as Warren Buffett, David Tepper, Howard Marks and Charlie Munger own in their portfolios and what they have been buying and selling last quarter.

During the final quarter of 2020 there was one company that big money investors in the USA were buying more than anything else. 

Its share price had fallen from $64 in 2018 to be trading at a COVID-19 low of $20 in October 2020. 

Bank share prices were hit hard during the COVID-19 lockdown periods as concerns were mounting that credit risk would threaten their profits. Interest rates at the US Federal Reserve were lowered to 0% and banks do not make the same level of profit when interest rates are 0%. Regulators also asked some of the biggest banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America to suspend paying dividends and halt share buy back programs until the credit risks subsided.  

In October 2020 it was clear the credit risk to banks was not going to be as great as authorities predicted and so we started buying Wells Fargo close to the October low of $20. Wells Faro’s share price has risen over 50% since the low in October and the 13F filings of Big Money Investors registered with the SEC show that they have been buying more shares in Wells Fargo than any other company on the NYSE. 

Wells Fargo is an outstanding Tier 1 US retail bank that has been around in some form since 1852. During the global financial crisis of 2008 its share price fell to a low of $7.80 and over the next 7 years rallied over 500%. 

I can only conclude based on their SEC filings that the most successful money managers in the USA have the same expectations as I do.  They consider Wells Fargo’s share price cheap and expect it to rally through 2021-22 as the US economy recovers and it returns to higher profits and higher paying dividends.

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