No Industry Has Higher Certainty Than This One

(The following content is not a personal recommendation to buy any of the following companies as I am not taking your personal financial situation into account.)

An ideal investment is one that has low risk and high certainty. When it comes to companies that trade on the share market there is one particular industry that is never going out of business and has a very predictable earnings stream…

In fact, the revenue for this industry can be worked out decades in advance and the probability is that the final result will not deviate by more than a few percentage points. It can potentially make for a great investment opportunity. I am talking about the funeral industry.

I don’t know who is going to die in the next 12 months but if you give me any town in a developed country, I can tell you how many people will likely die in the next 12 months. Funeral businesses are never going out of fashion and there will certainly never be a recession in the funeral industry. 

There are now 24 funeral businesses who are listed on the share market around the world. One funeral business we are investing in right now was listed on the market in January 2011 and its share price has risen 320% in the last 10 years. That’s on average 32% per year plus the dividend. 

Whatever happens to the economy is unlikely to impact the funeral industry. A rapid rise in inflation isn’t going to reduce the number of people dying and most families and siblings are not going to take the lowest bid when it comes to burying or cremating a loved one. Technology is not likely going to change the funeral industry as much either, in fact in the coming 25 years the baby boomers born in the 40’s and 50’s will keep the funeral industry very busy.

The growth potential for funeral businesses listed on the share market is staggering because globally 86% of funeral businesses are still owned by private families. These family run funeral companies are being offered extremely attractive deals to sell their businesses to publicly listed funeral companies that are eager for growth. And when you consider there are 19,136 funeral homes, 1155 crematories and 115,000 cemeteries in the USA alone, it is a massive industry.

During every recession over the past 120 years, thousands of businesses have gone broke, never to be seen again. And in 2020 there were thousands of businesses going broke due to the pandemic. But there would not have been one funeral business anywhere in the world in the past 12 months that has seen its revenue opportunity decline.

What’s the probability of funeral companies’ share price bouncing back after an overall market decline? The answer is high. 

So, now that you know one industry where higher returns can be achieved, the challenge becomes finding the winners. 

The funeral industry has 24 listed companies around the world. Which ones do you buy? How do you choose them? How many shares should you buy? And how do you know you are not paying too much? 

That’s where Trading Mastery steps in and does the ground work for you.

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