The Results Are In And You Won’t Believe It

(The following content is not a personal recommendation to buy any of the following companies as I am not taking your personal financial situation into account.)
Looking after my own money has never been about trying to make a fortune. It has simply been about living life on my terms and being able to provide exciting and unforgettable moments for my family.

Every 12 months I do an annual review about how our portfolio is doing compared to the overall stock market, the overall performance of the big industry super funds and money managers. 

And the results are in…

The ASX 200, in the financial year 2020/21 rose by 17%. 

However, the top 10 Super Funds over the same period (according to Super Guide) returned just 8.3% on average). 

Our Trading Mastery portfolio rose by +56% over the same period. Once again trouncing the average money manager’s return by a whopping 46.5%. And proving once again that a portfolio of quality global growth companies accumulated at the right price, is a recipe for wonderful returns. 

In fact, if you’d bought the same companies right alongside me, which every client at Trading Mastery has the opportunity to do, your return would be around 46.5% also.

Underperforming and Overcharging… Super Funds Exposed

Whilst researching the average returns for money managers, I came across an article written by the ABC that shone a spotlight on the outrageous fees Australian Super Funds charge to manage money.  

It comes to a total of $30 billion dollars annually vs the $15.9 billion annually that Australians pay for electricity.  And what’s even more shocking is that more than 80% of these active money managers do not even keep up with the ASX 200 average (which is still only around 9%). 

So, what is the answer? How can you do better?

The answer lies in knowing how to seek out and own a concentrated number of high-quality global growth. Companies that in the coming 3 to 5 to 10 years will continue to grow their earnings. Companies whose share price is likely to rise at a considerably faster pace than most ASX 200 companies. Companies like Costco, Disney, FedEx, Nike, Apple, Visa, Mastercard, Caterpillar and many others that are listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq. 

But the key is to know when to buy and how to structure a personal portfolio properly.

ANZ Ba21 years ago, I quit giving my money to others to manage and I’ve never regretted it for a minute. nk

I encourage you to back yourself and get off the merry go round that goes nowhere.

And now that you know that higher returns can be achieved, I invite you to take the next step together with us. A step that can be the start of a brighter financial future.

I’ll even give you my portfolio that you can shadow… and of course, I’ll teach you how to own global growth companies that will highly likely outperform in the years to come.

Here’s What To Do Now…

So now that you know how higher returns can be achieved, the challenge becomes finding a concentrated number of companies that suit your investment needs. How do you do the research, which companies do you buy, how do you short list them, how many shares should you buy and how do you know you are not paying too much? 

That’s where Trading Mastery steps in and does all the groundwork for you.

Let us show you how to own a concentrated number of high-quality global growth companies that in the coming 3, 5 and 10 years have the potential to see their share prices rise at a higher-than-average rate.

I invite you to come along for free to my next live online training event where I’ll share with you how we value companies correctly and build rock solid portfolios to build wealth, not only for 2021, but for years ahead. Simply enter your details below for your free pass.

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