Want Higher Returns on Your Investments?

Stack The Odds In Your Favour By Avoiding This Dumb Mistake Made By Many New (and Even Seasoned) Investors
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FACT: Over the last 100 years (on average), the share market has gone up 7 out of 10 days.

Here’s how to use that to your advantage…

When seeking higher returns, people are often enticed to trade markets that appear to magnify the opportunity for bigger and faster profits. 

I am talking about markets such as Forex, Crypto Currency, Options, Indexes and Commodities. 

These are what the market calls derivatives. 

Derivatives offer traders the opportunity to use leverage to magnify gains. However, sadly, for 90% or more of people who choose these derivative markets, this leverage just magnify their losses. And instead of achieving higher returns, in most cases they lose all their money. 

So, what can you do to stack the odds in your favour, lower the risk and aim for higher returns?  

Take a look at this interesting fact… 

For the past 100 years, history shows that the share market (on average) goes up 70% of the time. 

That means for every 10 trading days, 7 out of the 10 (on average) go up. 

You see over 95% of share market participants want prices to go up. Only a tiny fraction are betting share prices will go lower. That statistic on its own gives you a sizeable edge.

The difference between Derivatives and Dollar Producing Assets

Companies that trade on the share market are considered Dollar Producing Assets. In other words, they have assets, employ people and produce and sell products or services that generate a profit. 

They are real businesses with real people. And the more profit they make, the more attractive they become for people to own them. The end result is more buyers and a rising share price. 

However, if you decide to trade derivative markets such as Crypto Currency and Forex, you are not trading a dollar producing asset that is likely going to continue to rise in value over time. You are trading a purely speculative market that is not being valued on anything. 

Bitcoin and Gold for example produce nothing. 

They are not dollar producing assets. They don’t produce an annual profit or pay a dividend. Speculating in the Forex market (currencies) is exactly the same. 

Now, think about this… 

The number of people participating in derivate markets who are betting on something (like a currency or gold) going down in value, is substantially higher than those in the share market betting something will go down.  

Simple math begs the question… if the share market rises on average 7 days out of every 10, why would you want to try and speculate in a derivative market that has a huge fluctuation of buyers and sellers on any given day? 

Derivative markets are purely speculative and can’t be accurately valued because they are not dollar producing asset. Therefore gaining a consistent edge is near impossible.

Here’s how to stack the odds in your favour and give yourself an edge…  

The lowest form of risk in financial markets, 
with the highest probability of success, 
comes from owning Dollar Producing Assets.  

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