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Focus On The Companies You Own Not The Market Or Charts

Beyond the Charts: Understanding the True Essence of Investing

The Irrelevance of Market Noise

Every day, the media bombards us with information about the fluctuations of market indexes. But for a seasoned investor, these daily ups and downs are mere noise. The real essence of investing lies in understanding the companies you own, not the ebb and flow of “the market.”

The Daily Ritual: Checking Share Prices

When I start my day, my primary concern isn’t the overall market trend but the performance of the companies in my portfolio. Using my trusty Yahoo App, I monitor the share prices of these companies, ensuring I’m not swayed by the overall profit or loss figures. Instead, I’m on the lookout for any significant price movements that stand out from the industry norm.

Deciphering Price Movements: The Apple Example

Consider this: If Apple’s share price drops by 10% on a day when its peers like Microsoft and Alphabet remain stable, it’s a clear red flag. Such anomalies demand investigation. On the other hand, if Apple’s 1% dip aligns with a general downtrend in the tech sector, it’s business as usual.

Reacting to Unusual Price Changes

Last Thursday offered a prime example of the importance of vigilance. One of our portfolio companies saw its share price skyrocket by over 50% in a single trading day. Such anomalies aren’t just opportunities for silent celebration; they’re cues for deeper investigation. Unlike the majority of retail investors who base decisions on price movements, a seasoned investor delves deeper, seeking the reasons behind such drastic shifts.

The Fallacy of Technical Analysis

Years ago, I attended a Technical Analysis Association meeting out of sheer curiosity. The attendees, engrossed in their charts, seemed to be in a world of their own. But when I posed a simple question about the profitability of their methods, the room fell silent. The reality became clear: for many, technical analysis was more of a hobby than a genuine investment strategy.

The Bottom Line: Charts Aren’t the Answer

If you find yourself poring over stock charts, hoping to decipher the future from patterns and lines, take a step back. Remember, every minute spent on charts is a minute not spent understanding the real drivers of share prices: the companies themselves. Focus on them, and you’ll be on the path to genuine investment insight.

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