WARNING: Don’t Fall For This Trap

Is Trading Mastery a Scam?

Here at Trading Mastery, we’ve recently had some people write into us letting us know they have found the following scam website (see image below).

Please note: This is not legitimate and is actually a scam site that is trying to rip people off. We’ve written the following article to show you its discrepancies and also how the scam operates. 

A quick search on Trading Mastery (or any other investment or financial related company), and you will generally find other websites with the title “XYZ Company Scam”.

For example, “Trading Mastery Scam”.

At first glance, they grab your attention and even get your adrenaline pumping a little. However, if you go a little deeper, you’ll find they’re not what they claim to be. In fact, they’re designed to take your money.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the real reasons:

  • why companies, individuals and scammers create these ‘scam’ or ‘review’ websites
  • how they make money from them
  • and their true motivations and intentions
  • and how to protect yourself

Obviously, authentic reviews are extremely important when you’re thinking about purchasing a product or service.

This is true whether you’re hiring a plumber or choosing a restaurant. However, it is especially true when it comes to financial services and financial education.

There are many financial scams, investment scams and get rich quick schemes that want to take your money. So we recommend you do as much due diligence as possible on authentic, trusted review websites. Such as:

  • Google Reviews
  • TrustPilot
  • Real Feedback from clients of the company

We recommend you do this, regardless of whether you’re thinking of joining Trading Mastery or joining any other company. In the same way we recommend that you do extensive due diligence before investing in the financial markets or before making any financial investments.

We also highly recommend you only look at financial education businesses that are based in Australia, have an ABN and/or ACN plus they must also have an Australian Financial Securities License from ASIC. Trading Mastery has all the above.

So How Do ‘Scam Review’ Websites Work and Why Would Someone Bother Putting One Together?

Money basically. These websites make money by:

Step 1: Attracting visitors

Step 2: Selling something (a competing product, a related product or selling advertising)

Let’s say they are selling a product in the financial space. For example, an investment product, a debt reduction product, a legal service, etc. They would attract traffic by writing ‘articles’ or ‘review’ pages designed to:

  • Get you to click by using Clickbait style titles that make you want to read the content… even though you know they’re probably fake (you know the sort of tabloid style titles I’m speaking about).

For example:

Trading Mastery Scam

Trading Mastery Review

Andrew Barnett Scam

Andrew Barnett Review

These will rank high on Google by filling the website with as much content as possible for things that people are searching for.

It doesn’t matter whether what they write is accurate or not…

They’re not trying to win a Pulitzer. Nor are they even trying to write an honest review.

Their ONLY goal is to rank high on google, steal your attention… And then get you to click on an ad on their website. So they earn a commission.

And they do this by whatever means necessary.

Here’s a real example we deal with every day…

Let’s say you’re thinking about becoming a member of Trading Mastery. You might have gone through one of our free training or attended a webinar. So far, so good. You like what you’ve heard. It all makes sense.

Now, before you become a member, you decide to do some research.

So you type into google:

“Trading Mastery Reviews”

At first, it all seems fantastic.

It all looks promising. But then, you come across one with the title:

Trading Mastery Review: Andrew Barnett’s Scam

That get’s your attention. You wonder if you’ve made a mistake. So you click through and see what they have to say.

Now, most people realise pretty quickly what’s going on. But some don’t…

Maybe you don’t understand exactly how the website makes money, but there’s something odd about it.

1. It just doesn’t read right and is full of grammatical errors.

2. They immediately (in the second paragraph) try to sell you a “Chargeback Service” to recover “lost funds” by showing you an ad:

As you probably know, Trading Mastery isn’t a fund or brokerage service. So we don’t hold anyone’s funds. Period.

3. The article states “The owner of the company is the proprietor of a water skiing business in Australia.”

Anyone familiar with Andrew Barnett, knows that he hasn’t been a professional waterskier for more than 30 years.

4. Then there’s that ad again…

5. The article keeps on the attack, even mentioning ASIC (The Australian Securities and Investments Commission)…

Text from the scam website

So you do a quick search of The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s website and discover that…

Yes. Indeed there was a company called BLINOVA PASTORAL COMPANY PTY LTD.

And yes indeed, they were deregistered.

And yes, they changed their name.

However, they left out a glaringly obvious fact…that some people miss:

The company they are talking about is a totally different company with zero connection to Trading Mastery.

You see, the company they’re referring to is TRADING MASTERS PTY LTD (this company has no association with us whatsoever).



6. Then another clickable ad:

So, now you’ve probably caught on that their website is a scam. A trojan horse designed to suck you in and sell you something but…

Here’s where it gets really dark and nefarious

If you scroll over one of their ads, you’ll see in the bottom of your browser, the hyperlink looks a little different.

If you take a close look, you’ll see the link is: https://my.charge.back.com/consultation/?a_aid=151082

See that little code at the end… That’s an “Affiliate ID”. A trackable code.

What this means is…

The person who wrote the article and created this whole site…gets paid when people click on their link and then buy something from mychargeback.com. They are getting paid for referring customers to mychargeback.com.

So now we’re starting to see the real motivation behind these and other websites.

They pretend to do reviews of websites to attract visitors. Visitors that they hope will click on a link on the webpage so that they earn a commission.

But it gets worse.

A little research on the company they’re promoting, my.charge.back.com, turns up some terrible stories of people who’ve already lost money to unscrupulous brokers, losing even more money after contacting this company for HELP…

In a nutshell, my.charge.back.com promises these poor individuals that they’ll be able to get the money they’ve lost to another scam.

They then charge them $1000’s of dollars…

They then charge them $1000’s of dollars for a few ’email templates’ that will supposedly get their money back from unscrupulous broker accounts.

The total lack of ethics is appalling. And I sincerely hope the financial authorities crack down on these scams. Unfortunately, companies like My.Charge.back.com are located overseas so the Australian authorities have zero chance of recourse.

Now, if you found this page because you were searching for more info about myself or Trading Mastery, I’ve included some resources below that might help…

How to find out more about Andrew Barnett and Trading Mastery

If you would like to find out about Andrew Barnett and Trading Mastery, here are some resources to learn about the Trading Mastery Way.

We have plenty of free training on our website that won’t cost you a cent.

I recommend you:

1. Watch my Free Course: The 7 Part ‘Intro to Investing Mini Course’

Register for my Free 7 Part Intro to Investing Mini Course, by clicking here. I’ll take you through 7 quick lessons that will help start your investing journey.


2. Come to a FREE Live Training

Come along to a Free, Live Online Webinar and learn about our investment philosophy and also have the opportunity to interact with me live and ask any questions you have about building long term wealth through investing.


3. Hear What Those Who’ve Already Joined Trading Mastery Have to Say

We have over 100 real endorsements from clients on our website.


I’ll even leave some reviews at the end of this article.


4. Thinking About Joining Trading Mastery and Want to Speak to a Real Person?

If you’re thinking about joining Trading Mastery and would like to speak to a real person, then simply click this link and book in for a Free Discovery Call.

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To schedule your call, simply click here and pick a time that suits you. (Please note that because of the upcoming price rise, we expect the available call slots to go quite fast)




Here are Some Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback from REAL Trading Mastery Members…

Trustpilot Reviews

“Financial trading with Andrew Barnett…

“I have been trading with AB and have found his guidance and tutorials very informative and extremely easy to understand for a novice like me.

His knowledge of the trading market is second to none and I have had some success in following his advice.

I would recommend Trading Mastery to anyone interested in the financial market.

Thank you AB”

Robert Gray
13 September 2020


Trading Mastery is excellent…

“Trading Mastery is excellent, in my opinion. I have completed many trading courses, read many books over the last 6 years. I’m very lucky & found Andrew (AB) @Trading Mastery. Being a client has been the best valued “package” when compared to other courses out there. Andrew also is very giving of his time and knowledge and I really enjoy the simplicity of the course in the knowledge center, and regular webinars! It is really pleasing to pay a one-time fee for everything and for it to exceed your expectations. Highly recommend Trading Mastery to anyone looking or anyone sitting on the fence, you wont be disappointed!”

Nick Degennaro
01 July 2020


“I laugh every now and then…”

“I laugh every now and then during our live training when Andrew talks about ‘what traders do wrong’ and think that was me 6 months ago, that was me making all those mistakes and having the wrong mindset about trading and investing. Joining Trading Mastery has been one of the best financial investments I have ever made.

Thank You AB and team.”

Rodney Hunt
11 Sept 2020


About Time. Honest no holes trading training for beginners and experienced alike.

“Andrew and his team offer clear, concise , no bs training in the forex and stock markets. They make no outlandish promises and offer you a clear path to successfully taking control of your financial future. With so much trading information online, there is no way to quickly filter the good from the garbage. Let me be the first to help point you in the right direction with Andrew and the team at Trading Mastery. Thanks for the help and guidance guys.”

Jason Dunn
21 June 2020


Andrew and the Awesome team at Trading Mastery…

“Andrew and the team at Trading Mastery are awesome. It was such a great decision to take action and join, I only wish I would have started sooner. I had always looked at the share market but was not confident enough to jump in. But now with Andrew’s guidance, I have a portfolio that’s been designed to grow steadily over time. I actually understand and believe in the companies I own thanks to what I’ve learned at Trading Mastery. Thanks again AB, I truly appreciate your advice and guidance.”

Dan Marlin
20 January 2023


I wish the Trading Mastery way was around when I started…”

“I have been with Trading Mastery from June 2020 and have found Andrew and his team very helpful. I have also been a trader of FX for a long time and I can honestly say that I wish the Trading Mastery way was around when I started. So far the returns I have had in such a short time have been great also the assistance from Andrew and his team has been wonderful”

David Rosato
23 July 2020


“A thorough course on learning how to invest…”

“This is an incredible course and very thorough. Andrew breaks it down so it’s easy to understand and walks you through step by step. He is consistent with his communication and I always receive emails and texts which I haven’t seen before from other course providers. If you’re looking to learn how to trade, I would highly recommend Trading Mastery.”

Simon Bernasconi
01 January 2022


Google Reviews

“For the first time in my life am looking forward to performing my own investments as opposed to relying on financial advisors…”

“I’ve been a client of Trading Mastery for approx 7 months and joined the program to learn about successful investing as my current experiences relying on financial advisors has not been successful. I have learnt much from AB’s program thus far and for the first time in my life am looking forward to performing my own investments as opposed to relying on financial advisors. I continue to look forward to AB’s training sessions and regular market updates and have every intention of committing to this program long term. Both the training and regular updates are very well presented and I have gained a much better understanding of factors effecting the global economy.”

Brett Davies
2 August 2022

Emails from Clients

My best portfolio position has increased by 113%. Another 97%. And some between 34% and 48%

“Hello Andrew, Janine, Mark and the team at Trading Mastery,

On the 31st of August 2020 I made one of my best life decisions to join your program and the family of investors.

I had been a share speculator and trader for a number of years going nowhere. I would make some good money on red hot tips from a broker or friends like Tom, Dick and Harry, only to lose it all, plus, on the next tips.

Andrew, you have been a great mentor and teacher but I have been your worst pupil. You would have had me standing in the back of the class with the dunce’s hat on several times, when my discipline and temperament reverted back to the old days. This resulted in some FOMO (fear of missing out) and not following your teachings and sound advice.

Andrew you have persisted pounding into me traits to become a great investor. Good discipline, better temperament, due diligence, buy great companies, for the long haul and then sit back and relax.

As a result I have become an investor not a share trader, and am now a part owner of some great companies.

Your daily video and newsletter are always full of useful and enjoyable content as are the weekly training, company profiles and Q & A sessions.

My best portfolio position has increased by 113%. Another 97%. And some between 34% and 48%. Even with a couple in the red I have made an enormous amount of paper profit.

Andrew I thank you and the team for your patience with me and being there on the phone or email when I needed advice.

Please keep up the good work as we continue with enjoyment together into the future and financial independence.”

Robert Taylor
9 Setpember 2021


I wish I had discovered Trading Mastery 30 years ago…”

“Although I was always fascinated with the Stock Market I have been nervous about stepping out and investing my money for fear of losing it. That was until September 2020 when the internet service provider I have been with for some time contacted me to invite me to be part of an IPO. I didn’t even know what an IPO was but I soon found out. As I had just sold my caravan and had some spare money I decided that I would take part and purchase the minimum number of shares. Within a couple of weeks I had doubled my money so I thought with this buffer I would invest more of the funds from my caravan sale. It was certainly not doing anything in the bank.

I really had no idea what I was doing so I started researching the subject on the internet. Well, I was soon swimming in information. My Facebook feed was full of all sorts of offers. One of them was Andrew Barnett’s free 7 part trading course. I signed up and watched the videos. I then attended the Monday night training session where I was invited to become a member of Trading Mastery. It was not an easy decision to make – after all it is a huge outlay of money. However, I did take the step and paid my membership fee.

There are times in one’s life when a decision just feels right. It wasn’t too long before I realised that this was one of those decisions. Andrew and his team are just what I needed. They gave me the confidence, and more importantly, the knowledge to start investing my money in good companies that are selling at a discounted or fair price.

I look forward to Andrew’s daily updates every weekday. I wouldn’t miss the Wednesday night training sessions for quids. Andrew’s down to earth and well thought out training has helped me more than I could have imagined.

I am very happy with the returns I am making on the money I have invested and plan of continuing to drip feed money, accumulating shares in the companies I have in my portfolio.

Regrets? Well just one… I wish I had discovered Trading Mastery 30 years ago. However, I have started later in life than I wish I had, but I have started and I am so glad I have.

Thanks, AB and your team.”

Mike Wharton
Thu, 8 Apr 2021 at 14:32,


We also recommend you do extensive due diligence research and think deeply about your goals and the sort of lifestyle you would like when it comes to creating your investment strategy.

For example, since I started investing more than 20 years ago, I’ve traded and invested extensively in many financial markets. From currency trading to equities.

But I found that long term investing in the stock market has outperformed all of the others by many multiples. And it’s a lot less stressful.

In fact, at Trading Mastery, we now only teach a medium to long term approach to value investing because it’s the most solid approach to wealth building and making money in the share market that I’ve found.

At TradingMastery, we don’t teach Day Trading or Forex Trading or Currency Trading.

Instead, we teach you how to find great quality businesses, generally household names (like Apple, Amazon, Google, etc) and purchase them while they’re cheap. Then sit back and watch them grow steadily. It’s a tried and tested method refined by some of the best investors in the world like Warren Buffet, Monish Pabrai, Guy Spier, Seth Klarman and now me, Andrew Barnett. Looking forward to working with you in the near future and remember to keep investing!